Letter from the President

Mary Pelton-Cooper

As we begin 2019, we face a multitude of interacting struggles on every part of our planet. During this time, PsySR remains a valuable professional home for psychologists and other professionals who focus their work on social justice, who develop humanitarian applications of theory and practice, and who challenge racism and the persistence of nuclear weaponry and environmental damage.


All of us are called to this work in some way, and every individual act matters in our collective influence. As your president, one key challenge is to work within the tension between necessary structure and the desire for a decolonized communal space.  I am accountable to all of you to carry out my duties in a timely and effective manner, but I also have the opportunity to amplify your voices and encourage and appreciate your unique contributions.  Let us continue to forgive, respect, accept, and inspire each other because we are always in a new place.


I want to thank our Steering Committee members for their commitment and the many years of service some have given us. 

You all make us rich in passion and intellect.  We have enough work for everyone, so let’s have a productive year!


Mary Pelton-Cooper, PsyD