PsySr Members

Psychologists for Social Responsibility is an engaged community of members and supporters who work to advance peace and social justice through the ethical use of psychological knowledge, research, and practice. Representing a variety of cultural and disciplinary perspectives, we recognize diversity as a valuable resource in our efforts to address economic, racial, and gender-based injustices and other forms of oppression. We believe that peace with justice in an environmentally sustainable world depends upon a commitment to global well-being, universal human rights, mutual understanding, and collaborative partnerships in the pursuit of change.

Become a PsySR Member

Information about joining PsySR and about renewing your membership is available on our Join PsySR page.For general or administrative questions please email our Administrative Coordinator 707-797-7016 at or call 707-797-7016.

PsySR Listservs

One of the valuable benefits of PsySR membership are our email listservs. Descriptions and information on how to sign up are available HERE.

Member-Initiated PsySR Projects

Psychologists for Social Responsibility recognizes that the most important work we do as an organization flows directly from the interests, experience, expertise, and engagement of our members. We therefore encourage members to develop ideas for specific projects that they would personally like to pursue with other members through PsySR. More information about member-initiated projects is available HERE.