Psychologists for Social Responsibility

PsySR Supports AB 280 (Holden) the California Mandela Act

AB 280 is an important step in ending the use of solitary confinement in California. There is an established consensus among experts and can have permanent deleterious effects on the health of an individual. Many states have passed laws to limit the use of solitary confinement, and it is important that California joins them, as well as the international community, in regulating this practice.

AB 280 provides a clear definition of what constitutes solitary confinement across California prisons, jails, and detention centers, while also setting limits on how it can be used. Further, this bill ends the use of solitary confinement for special populations, including those with disabilities,
pregnant women, youth, the elderly, and other special populations.



Update: Dr. Lara Sheehi of George Washington University cleared of charges

Dr. Laura Sheehi, Associate Professor at George Washington University, has been cleared of any and all Title VI complaints made by StandWithUs (SWU). 

An impartial third-party investigation found that statements made by SWU were unfounded and inaccurate. There was no evidence that Dr. Sheehi discriminated against students and it was determined that no students were treated differently due to citizenship or religion. 

Dr. Laura Sheehi commented: “I am grateful to the investigators and the labor that was expended to meticulously document what I have known since day one those of us who fight for Palestinian liberation do not do so on the backs of our Jewish siblings, nor do we discriminate, retaliate, or isolate Jewish or Israeli students in our classrooms.