The International Network of PsySR (INPsySR) is a newly formed international network of organizations that use psychology to understand and address pressing social issues. Our purpose in linking such groups is:

  • To unite the efforts of psychological organizations around the world in which psychologists are currently involved in peace, conflict resolution and social justice activities.
  • To promote communication and cooperation between psychologists and their organizations in the area of social responsibility.
  • To support member organizations in developing their work in their own countries.
  • To facilitate contacts with international bodies of psychology and related disciplines and to be an important source of advice to institutions, government departments and to political and social organizations.
  • To promote social responsibility in the practice of psychology.

PsySR and similar groups in Finland and Germany are founding members of the network, but we hope that during 2018 it will grow to include large and small organizations from every continent. To apply for membership, please complete and submit our Membership Form.