Psychologists for Social Responsibility benefits from the broad participation of its members and from the dedicated efforts of its leadership, which includes its Officers, Steering Committee, and Advisory Board.

To contact the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Administrative Team or Steering Committee, please email .

Any Member of Psychologists for Social Responsibility can submit proposals for vote, campaigns for endorsements, or suggestions and general feedback to PsySR.


PsySR Administrative Team

Garnadette Stuckey


Daniela Kantorova

Past President

Buz Markuson




PsySR Steering Committee

Nancy Arvold

Katerina Castano

Maya Florsheim

Gordon Lee

La’Shawn Littrice

Hana Masud

Ericka Mingo

Monica Noriega

Brad Olson

Andrew Phelps

Jacqueline Samuel

Kelty Walker

PsySR Advisory Board

Anne Anderson

Roy Eidelson

Paul Kimmel

Tony Marsella

Susan Opotow

Marc Pilisuk

Luisa Saffiotti

Stephen Soldz

Neil Wollman